About ACR

ACR - Austrian Cooperative Research is an umbrella organisation for cooperative research institutes offering applied research and development especially for the benefit of small and medium sized enterprises. ACR stimulates and enables innovation within trade and industry, thus improving the competitiveness of the Austrian economy.

Applied research, development and innovation are the common interest of the ACR institutes. Additional offers are testing, inspection and certification as well as technology and know-how transfer.

Unique characteristic: The ACR institutes perform more than two thirds of their services for small and medium-sized companies. That way, ACR helps that innovation is also present in SMEs and obstacles for accessing research and development are removed. At the same time, the ACR institutes are important interfaces between science and large enterprises (national and international) in the direction of SMEs.

Cooperation with competence

The ACR network comprising very different research institutions provides applied research, development & innovation (RDI), technology transfer, advice on available subsidies, training courses, and high-quality testing and measuring, which is acknowledged in the entire EU, in the fields of:

Sustainable building

In the future, buildings – new buildings as well as refurbishments – must comply with complex requirements regarding resources, costs, energy demand, technology, safety, and utilisation. The portfolio of ACR institutes in the field of sustainable building comprises development and advancement of innovative building concepts and building materials, energy efficiency, resource input, building ecology, life cycle costs, technical optimisation and development, safety, fire prevention, utilisation quality, and cost efficiency.

Environmental technology & renewable energies

Sustainable energy supply plays an increasingly important role. This ACR focus attends to research and development of solar thermal energy, photovoltaics and energy storage and their integration into innovative building concepts, biogenic energy sources, as well as the development and advancement of biofuels.

Products, processes, materials

This ACR focus attends to the development of innovative material concepts, new material composites, non-destructive test methods, process control and process optimisation for the processing of wood, metals, plastics, and coating systems, material characterisation and development, micro- and nanoanalytics, surface characterisation as well as product development and product safety.

Food quality & safety

In this main area of activity, the ACR institutes deal with the entire food chain – from resources to processing through to packaging, transport, storage, and distribution. Besides the development and advancement of foodstuffs, this also includes production technologies and processes as well as the development of new packaging materials, risk analyses and measurements to secure quality assurance and food safety as well as food law.

Innovation & competitiveness

The innovative capability and competitiveness of SMEs is decisively influenced by economic, legal, political, and social factors as well as national and international framework conditions. The optimisation of these influencing factors requires a continual provision of information as well as the further development of methodological approaches. That is why this focus area of ACR deals with the analysis of these factors and framework conditions as well as the observation of trends and the preparation of industry, market and structural analyses.

Key Figures 2015

In 2015, ACR - Austrian Cooperative Research, which consists of 20 non-university cooperative research institutes of the Austrian economy employing almost 800 people and carrying out more than 20,600 commissions per year, generated a turnover of 59.7 million Euros.

Vision 2020

With a demand-actuated offer in the field of application-oriented research, development and innovation, ACR institutes make a vital contribution to the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises and, in general, to the strengthening of Austria as a business location. By using findings from basic research, ACR with its technological and market economy know-how considerably contributes to the economic success of companies and is thus the research and technology network with the greatest benefit for SMEs in Austria.