SMEs and Climate Action

The 10-part webinar series provides a platform for researchers and policy-makers to share experiences and explore new policy approaches to engage Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the path towards climate-neutral economies. The next webinar „The “Green to Grow” campaign: How to raise awareness for climate action among SMEs?“ will take place on January 29th.

In 2022, the British Business Bank launched a new campaign to raise awareness and increase levels of engagement on climate action among SMEs. Ahead of the campaign’s launch, the British Business Bank talked to SME owners and sent out a survey to SMEs to find out how owners react to different sustainability messages and ways of framing the issue. In this webinar, we discuss with Hugh Taylor and Martina Tortis how communication campaigns can be designed to raise awareness and spark action among SMEs.

Speakers: Hugh Taylor & Martina Tortis, British Business Bank (UK)